Santa Claus’ Small but Wonderful Elves


During the Christmas season, kids would eagerly anticipate the gifts they will receive from Santa Claus. Come Christmas morning, they’d have big smiles on their faces when they unwrap their gifts that Santa Claus delivered all in one night on Christmas Eve. But the preparation for the big day actually takes a whole year! Although Santa Claus gets a lot of attention during the Christmas season, most of the work is actually done by the elves.

Despite the elves’ tiny size, as compared the big portly Santa Claus, the elves play a big role in the preparation for the big day, as they carry out the responsibility of creating the billions of toys for the billions of children all over the world. They sure are a hard-working bunch, and we can all agree to that. But we also can’t help but wonder about the lives of these elves.

You might be wondering: “Where did the elves come from?”, “How many elves does Santa Claus have?”, “What’s it like working at the workshop in the North Pole?”, “How did they get so skilled in creating all those toys?”, “Do they have other responsibilities aside from creating toys?”, “What keeps the elves motivated to take on all that work they have to accomplish for the whole year?”, “What activities do they like to do aside from creating toys?”, “What are the foods that they like to eat?”, “Do they go on a vacation—and if they do, when and where do they go on a vacation?”

We know there are a lot of questions in your mind about the elves, so we’ve taken the time to unravel some of the mysteries on the elves. Read on and discover some interesting information about them.


The four feet, pointy-eared, magical elves are well known to be the friends and helpers of Santa Claus. They don pointed hats and thick clothing lined with fur much like Santa Claus, only usually in green to complement Santa Claus’ red suit, as well as pointed boots. The ensemble keeps them warm and cozy in the cold temperatures at the North Pole, where they reside in colorful cottage houses and also work as Santa Claus’ helpers at his workshop. Though the elves homeland is actually Scandinavia. 

Year after year, for the entirety of each year, the elves work hard to fulfill the dreams of kids and to put smiles on kids’ faces on the special day that is Christmas Day. Imagine all that effort they do just for the kid’s happiness on that one particular day. This goes to show how helpful and thoughtful these industrious elves also are.

To work in Santa Claus’ workshop is every elf’s dream job. They are perfect for the job because they are naturally industrious crafters. But what really keeps them going, aside from their mission to spread happiness all over the world, is the unlimited cookies and candies supplied by Mrs. Claus. They love to eat cookies and candies. Mrs. Claus often bakes them cookies and gives them candies to motivate them. Also, all that sugar gets them hyped up and energized. Still, Mrs. Claus also makes sure they eat nutritious food to keep their loyal workers strong and healthy.

Before the elves became well-known as the workers at the North Pole, back in the pagan times centuries ago in Scandinavia, elves were believed to guard homes against evil and were referred to as house gnomes. The house gnomes were mostly benevolent, however, they also had their mischievous side. It depended on whether a person was naughty or nice. To people who were good, they would also be good to them, while to the people who were bad, they would play tricks on them. They were said to have given people nightmares by sitting on their heads or tangled people’s hair during their sleep, turned people’s milk sour, and steal people’s sausages. Although when persons offered a bowl of porridge to the elves that they usually left on the doorstep of the house, the elves would happily accept the porridge and free those persons from their antics.

It was in the mid-1800’s when the elves evolved from the typical house gnome to a new role that they held as a helper to Santa Claus, which also gave them the new designation as Christmas elves. This was portrayed by Scandinavian writers at that time, such as Thile; Toplius; and Rydberg.


The elves have been popularly known for creating gifts for the kids to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Crafting is what the elves do best, and it just comes naturally. From a very basic toy assembly to a more complex arrangement of the most technologically advanced toy there is, whatever a kid wants, they can build it. Of course, the elves had to take up a special kind of education for that. Even after graduation, they’d still constantly study and train to keep up with the technology.

Moreover, aside from the creation of gifts, they have several other responsibilities as Santa Claus’ helpers. The bigger picture of all the help the elves provide to Santa Claus was illustrated by Scandinavian artists, such as Hansen and Nystrm. In addition to creating the gifts for the kids, there are other specific duties designated to respective elves. There are elves who care for the reindeer to keep them healthy; clean; and well trained for traveling, as well as manage Santa Claus sleigh to maintain it in good condition and have it all set to go for a smooth flight on Christmas Eve. Some go on guard of Santa Claus’ secret village. Other elves help in keeping the naughty and nice list. Those elves serve as secret agents to Santa Claus, as they go on a lookout on the behavior of kids and report to Santa Claus. While the well-behaved deserve to receive gifts, the naughty will, unfortunately, get coals for Christmas.

Apart from the preparation leading up to Christmas Eve, the elves’ dedication towards their work extends even after Christmas Day. Nobody is really perfect, and even Santa Claus can make mistakes and mix up presents. So it’s still up to the elves to take care of the refunds, returns, and exchanges.

It’s amazing how despite the elves’ tiny size, they are capable of all that. Well, as said earlier, these creatures are magical and do all those things out of the love of it all. Also, Santa Claus has a massive workforce that is made up of thousands and thousands of elves. Although we can’t really put an exact number to it, it is said to be increasing every year.

At the workshop at the North Pole, most probably, we can tell that the elves love their job and enjoy working there. In the first place, to be Santa Claus’ helper is the job of their dreams that they are very much passionate about. Furthermore, at the workshop, they maintain a joyful; fun; engaging; and elf-friendly work environment. With Santa Claus as an approachable, team-oriented boss, whose infectious laughter transcends throughout the workshop; the perks of the unlimited cookies and candies from Mrs. Claus; the chance to hang out and play with the awesome magical reindeer; and the opportunity to continuously learn and grow in their craft, there’s no wonder the elves are happy workers at Santa Claus’ workshop.

It’s good to know that the elves are in a happy disposition at the workshop. But all the strenuous work may get them prone to scratches and injuries or they may also get ill. Most probably, Santa Claus got them covered with health insurance.


As much as the elves are workaholics, they also play hard. During their free time, they enjoy playing with the snow. They like to have snowball fights and build snowmen. Others like to have some fun with the reindeer. They’d hop on the reindeer and go out for a quick fly with them. This allows the reindeer to have a bit of exercise, as well as the elves, along with the reindeer, find delight in the activity, especially when the reindeer practice their tricks like loop-the-loops and barrel rolls.

After everyone’s work is finished for the year, everyone—Santa Claus with Mrs. Claus, as well as the elves—go on a well-deserved vacation. That’s usually around the New Year. While Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus’ usual go-to place is Hawaii, which would make sense, for a change of atmosphere in a tropical place, most elves prefer to visit their homeland, Scandinavia. As the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

Although the elves may have been reputed to be mischievous back in the olden days, they’ve grown out of that image and have then changed into the kindhearted cheery helpers of Santa Claus that we know today. In contrast to their tiny size, the elves have a huge heart with all the love; helpfulness; and cheer that they can share in fulfilling their role that they have to attain the whole year round, year after year.

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