Santa Answers
Guy in the Red Suit

Merry Chistmas!


How old is Santa Claus?

Has Santa Claus ever missed a Christmas?

Does Rudolph always lead Santa's sleigh?

What are all the reindeer names?

Where does Santa Claus get all your toys?

How does Santa know who is naughty and nice?

How old are the elves?

How does Santa get in my house if we don't have a chimney or fireplace?

How does Santa Claus fit all the toys in his Christmas bag?

How tall is the abominable snowman?

Who is Father Christmas?

Does Santa like milk and cookies?

What do reindeer eat?

Santa Claus, what is your favorite snack?

Does Santa have any brothers and sisters?

Santa, what is your favorite kind of music?

What is Santa's favorite food?

How does Santa remember what everyone wants for Christmas?

What is a White Christmas?

What is mistletoe?

Has Santa's sleigh ever come close to being hit by an airplane?

What kind of child was Santa?

What are the elves' favorite colors to wear?

What is Rudolph's favorite color?

How does Santa find my house if we moved?

What is Mrs. Claus's first name?

Is Santa Claus always happy and jolly?

Santa, why do we decorate a Christmas Tree?

Who is Saint Nicholas?

Santa, why do people use Christmas trees?

Santa, why are you called Kris Kringle?

Where does Frosty the Snowman live?

Where can I write Santa Claus a letter?

Why do children hang stockings by the fireplace?

Why does Santa Claus live at the North Pole?

How does Santa know what I want for Christmas?

Why does Santa Claus wrap presents?

What is Santa's favorite drink?

Does Santa Claus ever sleep?

What are the most popular candy cane colors?

Why does Santa wear a red suit?

Does Santa Claus have a lot of money?

How does Santa understand all the different languages?

Do all the elves make toys?

What does Santa think about the internet?

Does Santa Claus use a computer?

Does Santa ever get sick?

How does Santa Claus know where he is going on Christmas eve?

What sports do the elves play?

Does Santa ever take a vacation?

Why does Santa make a naughty and nice list?

What would Santa Claus like for Christmas?

What would Santa like for Christmas ?

Are the elves ever naughty?

How does Santa get down a chimney if there is a fire burning ?

Why do we celebrate Christmas on that day?

Are you tired after delivering presents all around the world ?

Can anyone find the North Pole ?

Will Santa give me anything I ask for ?

How can I become an elf ?

What is Santa favorite book?

How do the elves learn to make toys ?

Is Santa Claus real?

How does Santa travel around the world
in just one night?

Why does Rudolph's nose glow?

How do reindeer fly?

What does Mrs. Claus do?

How did Santa meet the elves?

Does Santa Claus need snow to deliver presents?

How many children get presents from Santa?

How does Santa Claus get down the chimney?


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